Tekken 7 Skirmish Tonight

Jake and Ryan will be working with ESL UK tonight to stream the Tekken 7 Summer Skirmish. An online invitational featuring some of the UK’s strongest Tekken players, and showcasing scenes from all across the country.

With a cash prize at the end for top 3, and the calibur of players we have today, this should be a mighty fine evening of good quality Tekken. 

Jake and I have been looking for the chance to finally give something to the UK scene since the UK Championship last year, and we’re really excited to deliver this stream for you all tonight.

The matchups are as follows:

KaneandTrench vs Fumaken
King Jae vs Asim
Signor Farfalla vs RooKang
Shen vs Fergus

Tune in tonight at 7PM BST on our twitch channel,www.twitch.tv/pndketchup

See you there!

Source: Facebook

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